Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hidden Veggie Burrito

While my son is a pretty good eater who actually prefers veggies to fruit, there are times when I need to be creative with getting him to eat more vegetables. The other night I made burritos which he loved - and ate the next night as well! I sauteed purple bell peppers and zucchini from our CSA along with onions and yellow bell peppers in some butter and garlic grapeseed oils. I added a little ca garlic pepper and some seafood seasoning. Once the veggies were done cooking, I moved them to the side of the pan and put some shredded rotisserie chicken in the center to heat up. In another saute pan I heated up a whole wheat burrito and then loaded it with cheese, avocado, chicken and veggies. If I had any, I would have added tahini, but I sprayed Bragg's Liquid Aminos instead. SO GOOD!!! Oliver didn't even realize he was eating peppers! For a spicier variation - you could add some fajita or cajun seasoning!

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