Monday, April 30, 2012

Wildtree's May 2011 NEW Products

 Wildtree's NEW products...just in time for summer!

NEW Old Fashioned Lemonade
10795 5.5 oz jar $8.00
What better way to enjoy a Summer’s
day than with a cold, refreshing glass of
lemonade? Easy to make and delicious
to boot!

NEW Cheddar Bacon Burger Seasoning
10791 Two 2.55 oz bags $6.50
All of the smoky bacon and rich cheddar
flavor with none of the hassle. Just mix, form,
and grill your patties. This mix is sure to be
everyone’s favorite at your next cookout!

NEW Java Rub
10793 2.8 oz jar $6.50
Combining the richness of coffee, the
smoky, spicy thrill of chipotle, and the
combined flavors of myriad spices, this rub
will enliven any cut of meat. Just rub on
and cook and you’ll be enjoying a tender,
flavorful meal in no time at all!

NEW Steak Sauce #9
10794 8 fl oz bottle $8.00
This rich and tangy sauce is the perfect
complement to any cut of beef. Whether it
is grilled, broiled, or chicken-fried, beef will
surely be enhanced with a healthy helping
of Steak Sauce #9.

NEW Blissful Blondies
10792 15.8 oz box $9.00
A relative of the chocolate brownie, this
decadent, chocolate-chipped dessert bar
will surely satisfy any sweet tooth.

You can order these new products starting May 1, 2012 at