Wednesday, March 31, 2010

'Natural Flavorings' ~ My Journey to Three Supermarkets!

Have you ever watched the Biggest Loser?
Do you cook with Jennie-O Ground Turkey?
Or any other kind of pre-packaged ground turkey from Trader Joe's, Ralph's, Albertson's, Kroger's, etc?

Then you are most likely eating MSG.

I just spent an entire morning driving from Ralph's to Albertson's to Trader Joe's only to end up back at Whole Foods to purchase ground turkey without any 'Natural Flavorings'. You may ask why I took my son on this wild turkey chase - and I am seriously wondering the same thing myself, except for this... Natural Flavoring = MSG!

There are a few things that I am really devoted to when it comes to food in my house...
No High Fructose Corn Syrup
No Nitrates
Dirty Dozen veggies must be organic

The problem is that almost all food from a store contains one of these items, making grocery shopping and label reading a nightmare. I am cooking several meals for a friend that had surgery, hence the turkey quest, and I was blown away that you cannot purchase ANY truly natural ground turkey in most grocery stores. So I am on a mission to share my findings and hopefully help you make the best choice for your family. I LOVE watching The Biggest Loser as it's inspiring, motivating and a truly positive show that helps so many people. I just might have to write a letter though as it saddens me that they are promoting something as being really good for you - that really isn't. Don't get me wrong, Jennie-O ground turkey is a MUCH better choice than the fast food most of the contestants were living on before, I just want food companies to clean their ingredients up of unnecessary items!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wildtree's "Clean" Products are on the Feingold Program

I was thrilled to learn that some of Wildtree's products are listed on the safe list for the Feingold Program. These include Wildtree's Banana Banana Bread, Dill Dip, Garlic & Herb Blend, Texas Corn Bread and Whole Wheat Beer Bread. It is amazing how synthetic food additives can have serious learning, behavior, and/or health effects on sensitive people. The Feingold Program helps people rid these items from their diets and I am very proud that they recognize Wildtree products!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Another reason why I love Wildtree!!

Shop at Trader Joe's? Use McCormick seasonings? Here's another reason why I love Wildtree...they don't use Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, or any of the other many, many, many additives, preservatives and garbage that the FDA allows companies to put in our food. You are what you eat well, and be well. Check out this link to recalled products and then call me to book your grocery shopping party! Recall: Products Containing Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Reason I LOVE Moxxor!

Moxxor is tested daily and is contaminant-free! If you would like to know more information please contact me! Lawsuit says fish oil supplements contain PCB - from the San Francisco Chronicle The products named in the PCB lawsuit are: -- Norwegian Cod Liver Oil -- Nature Made Cod Liver Oil -- Nature Made Odorless Fish Oil -- GNC Liquid -- Now Foods Double Strength Cod Liver Oil -- Now Foods Salmon Oil -- Now Foods Shark Liver Oil -- Solgar 100 percent pure Norwegian Shark Liver Oil Complex -- Solgar Norwegian Cod Liver Oil -- Twinlab Emulsified Norwegian Cod Liver Oil -- Twinlab Norwegian Cod Liver Oil

How High Fructose Corn Syrup Damages Your Body

In case you forgot, or never knew in the first place, the number one source of calories in the US is high fructose corn syrup. Pretty scary!!! Click on the link below to read the full article. I am so proud that Wildtree is a 100% high fructose corn syrup free company! How High Fructose Corn Syrup Damages Your Body

Wildtree Menu Planner Winner

Everyone who came to my March Freezer Meal Workshop was entered to win a Wildtree Menu Planner. And the winner is...Lara!!! If you missed out you can still earn one by hosting a Wildtree Tasting in March! Contact me today!

April's Freezer Meal Workshop Info

The time has come again...time to sign up for your next Freezer Meal Workshop.The Enchiladas were requested by SO many that I am offering them again in April. You still have until the last day of March to purchase one of the March Freezer Meal Bundles and don't forget to sign up for April.

Tame Dinnertime Chaos Save Time ~ Save Money ~ Have Fun Upcoming Workshop Dates & Menus Tuesday April 20 @ 6 pm in CULVER CITY Wednesday April 21 @ 10 am in CULVER CITY Garlic & Herb Chicken Kabobs Cilantro Lime Salmon Enchilada Lasagna Tuscan Chicken Turkey Tacos Veggie Lasagna Asian Peanut Beef Herb Crusted Pork Loin Lemony-Parmesan Chicken & Veggies Chicken in Herbed Mustard Sauce One more thing...if you do not live nearby and cannot attend these workshops, don't worry! You can still participate by using the recipes and creating them yourselves! Check out April's Freezer Meal Bundles. They will be available starting April 1st, but you must contact me to order them!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What to do with Garlic Galore Blend?

Garlic Galore Blend Suggestions
Combine with sour cream & top baked potatoes or use as chip dip.

Combine with butter for spread on Italian bread or shrimp scampi.

Combine with Grapeseed Oil & vinegar for a great salad dressing.

Sprinkle on vegetables before grilling or roasting.

1 tsp. blend & ¼ cup Grapeseed Oil & brush on steak, pork or poultry…let sit for 30 minutes, & then grill.

Combine with oil & toss with pasta.

Great for garlic mashed potatoes or twice baked potatoes.

Add to spaghetti sauce.

Mix with mayo & relish for tartar sauce.

Great for use in sautéing burgers or steak with mushroom & onions.

Add to bread crumbs for flavorful breading.

2 tbsp. mayo & 1 tsp blend & brush on your favorite fish before grilling.

To order Garlic Galore, or any other Wildtree product, please go to

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Not All Peanut Butters Are Created Equal

It took me a long time to find the perfect peanut butter - but I did!
There are certain foods that I will only eat organically and peanut butter is one of them. If you have ever tried to use natural peanut butters you might have been frustrated like me when you couldn't spread it easily on bread. There's an oil slick on the top when you first open the jar and you must store it in the fridge - making it impossible to spread.

Popular brands of peanut butter such as Skippy and Jif add sugar and partially hydrogenated oil (trans fats) to their products - even to their so-called 'Natural' versions. Don't be fooled by their use of the word natural - it's a bogus ad campaign.

Don't despair...there is hope!

I have tried every brand of organic, salted, creamy peanut butter you can find and here is what I discovered. Maranatha's creamy, salted & roasted organic peanut butter is the best!! It is made with peanuts and salt only and tastes delicious!
Organic versions that say 'Easy Spread' have added oil emulsified into them to make them easy to spread. I do not want to add any more oil to our diets, so I stick with the regular one. The key is to make sure you thoroughly mix all the oil into the peanut butter when you first open the jar. If you do this, you will not have any troubles spreading it even though you are storing it in the fridge. Maranatha makes a variety of delicious nut butters including almond and cashew and can be found in Whole Foods or other natural food stores.
Click here if you would like some recipes.