Sunday, June 14, 2009

What's For Dinner?

This seems to be one of the hardest questions to answer!
Wildtree has provided me with many answers and I am excited to continue to share them with you here. You can find all of the products I mention at my website - .

I have been asked by many people to post my dinner I finally decided to try a blog! I hope you find this helpful as you endeavour to feed your family healthy & delicious meals that do not take a lot of time nor ingredients to make! Give me a few days and I will hopefully post my weekly meal planners.

So what's on the menu for tonight....leftovers!

We've all been sick and today is Andy & my 6th anniversary. I wish I could say that I whipped up something fabulous or that we were off to an amazing restaurant...but sometimes life has a different plan for you. Oliver & Andy will enjoy beef tips that I marinated in Wildtree's Ponzu Sauce, roasted zucchini drizzled with Wildtree's Natural GSO and kosher salt and jasmine rice which I cooked with our Butter GSO. I am enjoying a big bowl of chicken matzah ball soup!

Happy, healthy cooking everyone!

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