Thursday, October 21, 2010

Candy Cane, I mean Beet!

I was misinformed...these vegetables were beets, NOT radishes! Equally as healthful, just as delicious, read the post below as it has great information about radishes. Just note that we actually made our snack with beets!

Oliver's class went on a recent field trip to a farm as they are studying how food gets to your table. He was really excited about all the root vegetables he picked and asked me to cook them up. One of the veggies was a candy cane radish - an absolutely beautiful and healthful piece of food! You may not know this, but radishes are part of the mustard family,explaining their spicy taste. They are also related to broccoli and watercress. Even though they are more than 90% water, they pack as much potassium as bananas, half the ascorbic acid of oranges, are an excellent source of vitamin c and folate and a good source of magnesium. Radishes come in all shapes and sizes and keep forever in your fridge. They are excellent in salads or cooked til just soft with butter and salt. You can also add them to vegetable juice to spice it up a bit and help clear out your sinuses and soothe you a sore throat. My all time favorite way to eat them, though, is on a piece of buttered toast (for us that means a yeast-free, sourdough starter, zucchini onion bread) with pink Himalayan salt, a drizzle of olive oil (Oliver's addition after watching a recent Jamie Oliver episode) and thinly sliced radishes.

I wasn't expecting it...but he ate the whole thing!

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  1. What a perfectly healthy and delicious Holiday Treat!