Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bountiful Trips to the Santa Monica Farmer's Market

Wednesday is market day in our household. I love getting to the Santa Monica Farmer's Market early and filling my bags with the most incredible organic produce, eggs, raw milk and butter, grass fed ground beef, fresh herbs, bison, juicy fruit and our favorite bread from Bezian's Bakery. Oliver loves to sample all the delicious produce - even ones he might not think he likes. Now that he is in school, my trips are a little more quiet and I find myself missing my grocery partner, but I am grateful that I can feed my family with such amazing food all year long! I thought I'd share some of my photos and favorite vendors.

Happy farmer's market shopping!
One of our all time favorite vendors is Harry's Berries. They have the sweetest strawberries that are red to the core! Oliver requests them by name and I've tasted very few strawberries that compare to Harry's.
Radishes are a delicious treat in a salad or on toast! The flowers change with the seasons and always make me smile. You will often catch me smelling all of them and basking in their beauty!
So many many many many many recipes to use them in! Hope you can discover your farmer's market or CSA delivery. Happy, healthy shopping & cooking!

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  1. so jealous-July is a long way away here in New England!