Saturday, January 16, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday 2010

Even though the Patriots & the Bills are out of the running, New Orleans holds a dear spot in my family's heart and we will be cheering the Saints on to the Super Bowl! You can have a great time too on Superbowl Weekend when you serve some of our delicious products!

Stock up on....
*Spicy Dry Rub (to make a great mixed nuts, or fabulous burgers)
*Beer Bread
*Pizza Dough
*Buffalo Wing Marinade
*Fiesta Salsa Mix (just 5 calories, and no sodium--they'll never know!)
*European Dipping Oils (a great accompaniment to our beer bread)
*Alfredo Sauce (use as a fondue, or make a white pizza with buffalo chicken!)
*Jambalaya or Tortilla Soup (Have to get those veggies into the guys somehow!)
*Rancher Steak Rub or CA Garlic Blend (for those who grill all year long!)
*Dips (Dill, Jalapeno, Hot Chili & Garlic, Cranberry Horseradish, Onion Chive, etc)
*Taco or Chili Seasoning
*Guacamole (Easy, breezy! Just blend some into a mashed avocado!)
*Our fabulous new GARLIC GALORE blend

To order go to or contact me!

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  1. I just tried the flax seed beer bread for the first time for an extended family dinner. I used killian's red and as it was cooking I was worried the beer was too strong for this recipe! It was SO SO yummy and everyone at the dinner party was raving about it! I paired it with the tuscan dipping oil -- HUGE success again thanks solely to WildTree!!