Thursday, May 13, 2010

FMW Feedback

Nothing makes me happier than receiving these messages... Enchilada lasagna: GONE! Might be the best recipe yet! My kids and I loved the Rustic Chicken...I was worried the 9 year old wouldn't like the "wine" but he did. I added zucchini with the mushrooms and he ate those, too! We ate the meatloaf for dinner last night w/ baked potatoes and carrots. It was SO GOOD! We ate it again for lunch today and it was just as good leftover. We’re going to have the Rosemary lemon chicken tomorrow. These slow cooker meals are absolutely amazing! Thanks!!! We had the enchiladas last night and they were a HUGE hit. I made the Hawaiian Chicken (fake chicken, in my case) into a stir fry and it was delicious! The shrimp kabobs were epic. I added zucchini and grilled them. I made baked potatoes as a side and it was one of the best meals I have had since I was in Vegas and the fish I ate had been flown in from Italy that morning. THAT good! I am so sad there were no leftovers! Thank you my wonderful FMW customers - you make my day! If you would like to feed your family meals that receive rave reviews - come to my Freezer Meal Workshops or host a Wildtree Tasting!

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