Friday, October 2, 2009

Catering a Heartlink Meeting

I helped cater a Heartlink meeting the other night and had the most wonderful time! Mindy Schinnerer, who is not only one of the most generous and kind woman I know with a personal story to tell, she is also the area coordinator for Heartlink - an incredible way for women to support one another in all that we do! I always walk away feeling inspired, uplifted, supported and most importantly, that I have spent good times with wonderful friends!

One might think that catering an event is difficult, but I must confess, Wildtree makes it so easy! I made our Mexican Skillet Meal, Cheddar Herb Skillet Meal, Baked Brie with Apple Cranberry Jelly, Rustic Eggplant Caponata, Gingerbread and Marbled Pound Cake. We also used a variety of Wildtree's salad dressings on the most delicious organic salad which Denise brought.

Other than baking the desserts the night before, I made the entire meal, which fed 23 women, in about an hour! We used short brown rice in the Mexican Skillet Meal, which some women thought was risotto and could not believe it was brown rice.

If I can feed 23 people in such a short time, imagine what you can do with 20 minutes to feed your family. That's all you need to make a one pot meal using our new skillet meals. I even added brocolli to the Cheddar Herb Skillet Meal so that it was a complete dinner. Don't despair over what's for dinner anymore! Keep one of each of our Skillet Meals on hand (Mexican, Cheddar Herb and Stroganoff) and you will always be able to get dinner on the table for 2 or 23!

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