Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Daily Cocktail

Since this blog is supposed to be about health & wellness, not just recipes, I thought I would post our daily cocktail. With everyone trying to stay healthy this flu season, this concoction was recommended to us by our homeopath as well as pediatrician and it definitely gives me some peace of mind. Many of these products can be found at any health minded store.
  • Vitamin D ~ There are SO many studies out today showing the positive effects of vitamin d on our immune system. Even in sunny SoCal, we are not getting enough. I just got my levels tested and I'm anxious to see the results. I've been giving it to Oliver since last year!
  • Moxxor ~ Omega 3's support our immune system, among other things. And not all 'fish oils' are created equal.
  • Pro-biotic ~ Another important supplement to support your immune system. I take Culturelle and Oliver takes Ultrabifidus.
  • Immunition (from our homeopath)
  • Each day I alternate giving Oliver Child's Life' First Defense and Immunity Plus (from our homeopath)
  • I also alternate each day between Astragalus and Echinacea for Oliver
  • For me, I also take Polycil Wellness, folic acid and calcium.

Oliver takes Moxxor and Immunition in their pill forms, but I put the rest into his orange juice. I would love to add in vitamin c, but I can't find one Oliver likes. And if we ever do get sick, there's another whole cocktail we add in!

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