Monday, October 5, 2009

What does it mean to you to be healthy?

I think about this a lot! And each person's answer will be different. For some, it means going to McDonald's only once a week, for others it means never eating at the Golden Arches. For my family, it means trying the best we can to fill our bodies with healthful food, but appreciating that food should be soul filling, savored and shared. I try to look at the big picture instead of worrying about every meal. And I definitely make room for sweet treats, which many will argue is not healthy, but life without chocolate just isn't a fulfilled life to me! I would love to hear what it means to you to be healthy. Please feel free to post your family's routines and traditions as maybe we can inspire each other. Here are a few things that I try to do for my family...
1. We switched from white rice, pasta and bread to whole grains. One word of advice - try short grain brown rice and dif't brands or pasta and bread until you find the one your family likes. UPDATE: We are now Gluten, dairy, egg and yeast free.
2. We drink mostly water - no soda in the house which is difficult for my husband but so important to model for OIiver! I also try to limit juice to about a cup a day. It's usually orange juice in the morning loaded up or taken with immune boosting supplements such as probiotics, Moxxor, echinacea, vitamin d and other things. UPDATE: Still water for us all but Oliver also likes hazelnut milk too. And we have added Juice Plus gummies and Protandum to our daily regimen.
3. I try to include Oliver in the cooking process as often as I can. I find he is more open to trying things and has a growing appreciation for different ingredients. One day he will hopefully cook me dinner! UPDATE: Oliver has grown into an amazing little chef in training!
4. I meal plan. Without a plan, I will spend most nights at Koo Koo Roo! I find I save time and money when I have my week in order. This ensures less take out, less fast food and a lot less stress! UPDATE: Meal planning has evolved into Freezer Meal Workshops aka lifesavers!
5. I don't feel guilty when we indulge in a brownie or a cookie or an ice cream cone. Life is short and I want to enjoy it! I try so hard to fill my family's bodies with healthful food, that I try not to freak out about a few treats. That being said, we talk a lot about why we have to balance 'sweet treats' with 'good for our body' food. UPDATE: We still love our treats!
I'll update my 'healthy' list in the future - but in the meantime I look forward to reading yours!

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