Friday, June 24, 2011

My Dream Kitchen

My dream kitchen....deep farmhouse sink, double ovens, 6 burner stove, white marble countertop island to roll dough out on, butcher block counter in one area, large Sub Zero fridge, bright, airy and open so everyone can be in the kitchen at once! My reality kitchen is not quite living up to the dream...but I've stocked it well with both food and tools to feed the body, mind and soul of my family.

Here is what I think is essential to any kitchen.

Wooden Spoons
They don't scratch pans, react with food or conduct heat like a metal spoon. And they just feel really good in your hand! Other than a good knife and your hands, there is no more useful tool in the kitchen.

Cast Iron Skillet
I cannot live without my cast iron skillet! Memories of reading Little House on the Prairie and drooling over the descriptions always come to mind. Several of my grandmother's pans are waiting for me in storage back on Cape Cod, but in the meantime I've been using one my Mum gave me one Christmas. I cook everything in it...chicken, meatballs, veggies, grilled cheese, leftovers...everything browns up and tastes delicious. Plus, the iron leaches into your food making it even more nutritional!

Le Creuset Dutch Oven
Do you want to cook perfect rice?
In addition to
soaking your grains, cook them in one of these Dutch Ovens and you will never burn your rice again! You can also make bolognese, boil water for pasta, create homemade curries, all day simmering marinara, one pot chicken & rice dishes, oatmeal, soups, name it, you can cook it and it will be delicious and easy to clean.

A Few Pampered Chef Items
The Large Bar Pan
 I honestly do not know what I would do without this piece of stoneware from the Pampered Chef. In fact, I own all three sizes! I roast every veggie on it, bake my bacon (the easiest way to cook bacon), cook fish, chicken, pizza, name it...I've cooked it on stoneware. It never burns, sticks or retains tastes and smells. It holds heat beautifully and cleans up effortlessly!

The Mix 'N Chop
Whole, peeled tomatoes and ground beef have met their match. I love wooden spoons...but they cannot break up tomatoes and meat the way the Mix 'N Chop can! I'm not one to use a lot of tools in the kitchen, but this is one I really appreciate having on hand.

A Few More Odds 'N Ends...
A Good Knife
My favorite is the Santoku but I also love having a serrated knife for bread and tomatoes and a small paring knife. That's all I really need!
Sticky Pans
I call them sticky pans b/c they are the opposite of non-stick pans in so many ways. I am becoming more and more leary of teflon style pans and would rather use butter and oil than use a pan that might be toxic. I love my All Clad set and use it multiple times a week to cook collard greens and lots of different types of kale.

Mixing Bowl
Oh mixing bowls...they are up there with handbags, sheets and hairclips...aka...things I love to collect. Brownware, Bauer, Fiestaware, Burleigh, Portmeirion and Emma Bridgewater to name just a few! Can you tell I have a problem? Cooking should be something you enjoy. If using a cheery bowl helps, then use one!

I'd love to hear which tools you cannot live without in your kitchen, so please share!

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  1. great list -- that mix n chop is on my must have as well and I LOVE when I shop up to prep a party and the hostess has it out using it! And no I've never sold Pampered chef ... but that tool is AMAZING;0)