Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eco-Friendly Lunch Box and Discount Codes!

There are many types of back to school, school supplies...but I am having a great time creating an eco-friendly lunch box for my 6 year old son. I found all kinds of amazing products and thought I would share them along with some discount codes!

First stop was the actual lunch box.
I love the idea of the bento box that Laptop Lunches creates, but I did not want to pack everything in plastic. Instead, we opted for a fun Laptop Lunch Bento Carrier and we will fill it ourselves. Use the code VEGLUNCHBOX and received a 10% discount!

The next stop was filling the Laptop Lunchbox with non-plastic containers.
I purchased some leak-proof, food grade stainless steel containers from Kids Konserve. I can fill them with yogurt, juicy strawberries or leftover pesto pasta. I also bought their non-toxic biodegradable ice pack with insulated sack so that it won't sweat all over the food. Use the code MARINMOMMIES and receive a 15% discount.

I also found a divided stainless steel container from Lunchbots that is perfect for a sandwich and some Pirate's Booty! Use the code BTS and get a 25% discount.

I also found some really cute snack bags at Itzy Ritzy (see top of page for picture) and Snack Taxi. You can use TWINS at Itzy Ritzy to receive a 20% discount and SCHOOL20 to receive a 20% discount from Snack Taxi.

Lastly, my son actually loves to use cloth napkins so I found these really cute ones at Mika&Bu to send in his lunch box. They are having a sale on their website, but you can also use the code COOLMOMPICKS to buy one get one free.

Happy, healthy lunchbox shopping!

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