Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Bowl of Goodness

Living on an island means maximizing your grocery shopping, storage and using everything you've got. I detest wasting food no matter where I am, but in the summer, on a small island, where you just don't know where or when your next grocery store visit may happen, you cannot waste food.

Usually we always have some sort of plan for dinner...but last night we found ourselves without one. And we were getting hungry. For dinner. Now.

I looked in the fridge and found these items that were on their last leg...
small head of broccoli
bunch of dinosaur kale
grape tomatoes
ground beef

I also found some leftover bolognese which was perfect for my son...he loves it! With not a moment to spare as we were all getting cranky due to hunger, I put a pot of water on to boil for pasta, washed and chopped all the goodies listed above and got to cookin'.

In one cast iron skillet, I heated Wildtree's Garlic Grapeseed Oil and added chopped onions and ground beef. I seasoned it with Wildtree's Hearty Spaghetti Blend and Scampi Blend. Once the meat was brown, I added the cherry tomatoes just to warm and soften them slightly.  In another cast iron skillet I heated a little Garlic GSO and browned the pancetta. Next I added the leeks, zucchini, broccoli and kale, seasoning it all with Wildtree's CA Garlic Pepper. I served it all over pasta with a generous helping of ricotta salata!

Delicious, yumminess in a bowl...even my 7 year old asked for a bite (but he never offered a taste of his bolognese in return)!

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