Monday, July 11, 2011

Dining Out

Dining out is a wonderful thing...someone else cooks, serves and cleans for you! I often feel like a one woman restaurant on a daily basis for 3 meals a day, especially since the island we live on in the summer doesn't really have a restaurant scene (or at least ones that are safe for our gluten free, dairy free, egg free lifestyle).

This morning I stumbled upon an interesting article from a great website, Fooducate, one dad's blog dedicated to educating people about the food they eat.

 His recent post shed light on one reason why eating out isn't always a good thing...gaining weight. Bigger portions, less vegetables, higher sodium, fat and sugar are some reasons why.

Here are some interesting facts:
*** The USDA has calculated that for each weekly meal outside the home, we gain 2 pounds of body weight annually.

***About 30% of our total calories are consumed outside the home. This is double what it was just 30 years ago.

We can't always cook at home, and to be honest, it's nice to go out! But if eating out is your nightly dinner routine, whether it's a drive through, pre-made dinners from the grocery store or a frozen entrees, Wildtree can help. Wildtree products are designed to give you home cooked meals in minutes. They are simple, delicious, healthy and economical! Visit to get started on filling your pantry!

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