Monday, January 2, 2012

The Happy Meal Project

My friend, Jamie Leff, who is a registered dietitian and nutritionist, as well as our Juice Plus rep, has talked about the Happy Meals people have hoarded in their houses for a very long time. And no, she wasn't talking about closet McDonald's eaters who were living in denial or trying to hide their addiction, she was referring to health professionals who used these 6 months (or older) Happy Meals to prove a one should eat them! 

Read The Happy Meal Project for more specific details or view more pictures here, but the general gist is that after 6 months, a Happy Meal doesn't look any different, there is no mold or decay and no pests are trying to sneak their way into the bag to eat it! Real food rots. It decays. It breaks down and becomes something that only a rodent or ant would love...but not a human. Happy Meals are different. They do not rot, decay, break down the way normal food does and that should scare you. If flies, ants, mice and a myriad of other pests will not eat a Happy Meal after weeks and months of being left out, why should you eat it ever???

Don't despair though...I fully embrace a burger and fries from In-n-Out every once in awhile. Especially on those crazy days when you just don't have time to prepare a meal or you are traveling. Life is short, and french fries are too good to give up completely (imho). But, keep them far and few between and help yourself out by making dinner easy with Wildtree. Their products help make dinner quick, easy, economical, delicious and healthy!! By having a pantry or freezer stocked with ready to go meals and ingredients, you can lessen the stress of dinner time and feel good about the meals you serve your family.

Life should be about moderation...and there is a place to enjoy french fries while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Funny thing is, you might find you don't want those unhealthy meals once you stop eating them!

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